HTC One X, S and V Release Date and Pricing

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HTC One X & One S Reviews

At the start of this year, HTC announced their new range of smartphones. The new HTC One range focuses on the camera, sound and design. Availability of these new devices has been announced for the central European market with release dates and pricing included.

In the new series of phones, three models are featured; the One X, One S and One V. Each phone boasts some impressive specs and, taking into consideration the newly announced price-points, they are some of the best value as well as quality devices available.

HTC's announcement reveals that the phones will be priced as follows:

HTC One X - £499 (€599)

HTC One S - £419 (€499)

HTC One V - £254 (€299)

As for the release date of the devices, all of them will be available in Central Europe from the 2nd of April. With only a week to wait for this, the very first release date regarding the One series, I would imagine the phones will be appearing across global markets very quickly.

MobileFun has actually got all three devices up for pre-order right now at the prices listed above. They have yet to confirm the dates on their site, but they usually release them on time.

HTC has ensured it sells to the market where it is most popular first - Europe - which could signify a new tactic for the company which had focused on the US market for some time. With Nokia stating it will dominate this market, putting all resources into it despite previously not, perhaps HTC is turning to Europe. If this is the case, everyone here should expect some pretty well designed devices, less skinning and more Android beauty. I don't think that's too bad a deal!