HTC One ImageSense Sample Pictures


HTC One X & One S Reviews

One of the main features I look for in phones is an amazing camera. I want the camera to be the best it can be and beat everything else in terms of image quality and sharpness. It's why I chose the iPhone 4S over an Android phone. The camera on the iPhone 4S is amazing and takes pictures which are better than some compact cameras, but all in a smaller frame and equals one less device to carry.

HTC recently announced the One series, where they really went above and beyond in terms of the cameras we'll find in their new phones. Each Android phone in the One series features a f/2.0 aperture, 28mm lens, HTC's ImageChip, BSI sensor and a smart LED flash which has five different brightness levels. The camera on the phone allows you to take a picture in 0.7 seconds and it can focus in 0.2 seconds, a hell of a lot faster than other smartphones. You can also take pictures while recording video.

All these features blow most smartphone cameras out of the water, and embarrass those phone manufacturers which put crappy cameras on their phone. HTC have got some sample pictures from the cameras which we've embedded below. However, the pictures aren't great, and I don't think this is because the cameras are shit, it's because the photographer was shit. Once the phones actually go out in the wild I'm sure we'll see a lot better pictures come from the HTC One series.

Also, if you haven't seen already, Nokia announced a 41 megapixel camera phone with frankly amazing picture quality. It's by far the best smartphone camera ever available for consumers - Nokia 808 PureView