How To Add The Start Button To Windows 8


How To Add The Start Button To Windows 8

If you've tried out the Windows 8 Consumer preview, you've probably noticed that in both the new Metro and 'classic' Aero desktop modes the Start button is missing. This may lead to a whole host of shenanigans, while you aimlessly try to find how to access various parts of your overhauled OS.

An easy solution that will create a Start button within Windows 8 is the free software Start8, by Stardock. As well as returning standard Start menu functionality that you've been familiar with since Windows 95, Start8 will add a whole host of additional features; ranging from a Metro Preview hover button, to full shut down options - another elusive feature of Windows 8.

What you will notice is the slightly modified look of the Start menu (see screenshot below) but it won't stop you finding your desktop programs.

Start8 by Stradock, free Windows 8 start orb

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Follow through the link below to download the free desktop app, all you'll need is to enter your email address!

Start8, by Stardock - Free