Android Market Now Google Play - Massive Rebrand!


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You know that little thing called the Android Market - yeah, that place you go for all your apps, games, movies, books and music? Actually, now you don't. Google has just begun a massive rebranding of the Market we have all come to love. Don't worry though, not much has changed.

Google Play is the Android Market. You can still find all the same great content and access all the brilliant services you could before. It seems the new name is just a way for Google to appear more user friendly - Play is much more inviting than Market. While there will be little change to the website, now found at, the Market - sorry, Play - app for your Android phone will get an update. The app on your phone will automatically update itself 'in the coming days' if you are using Android 2.2 or above.

As highlighted in the introduction video, the new Play is Google's attempt to get the message of the 'cloud' out. They want everyone to know that they do a better job than iCloud, Apple's frankly flailing attempt at the cloud, and for free. Google is the leading player when it comes to cloud technologies, and they are not going to give up that space without a fight. Perhaps Play is the beginning of this fight...

Do you think this rebrand is necessary, or just some old marketing tricks? Let us know in the comments!