How to Sync Files With Your PC for Free

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How to Sync Files With Your PC for Free

In case you haven't heard, is giving away 50GB of free cloud storage to anyone who download's their Android app before the 23rd March. There's no catch, so if it's still not past that date when you're reading this, go grab it from the Android Market.

For many years, I have been a dedicated Dropbox user, keeping my files synced up with my account via the desktop synchronising application an the Android application while I'm on-the-go, but, apparently,  this isn't a feature to be taken for granted. Box does not do this for free; or at least it isn't supposed to.

The Box Sync for Windows app within Box requires a business account which costs money - and we don't like using up any of those special credits! Don't worry about that though: I have a free way.

Basically, what we're going to do is set Box up as a Network Location in your computer. To do this:

1. Open My Computer

2. Right click on My Computer and select Add a Network Location

3. Click Next

4. Select Choose a custom network location and click Next

5. Enter "" into the box and click Next

6. Enter a name for the Box folder that will be created - maybe "Box"? - and click Next

7. Enter your Box username and password and click Next

8. Get ready to use your Box!

It really is as simple as that. Now you have complete access to your Box files and folders within Windows Explorer.

However, there are some limitations to this method, the main one being that it doesn't truly synchronise the files to local storage on your computer. This only gives you access to your files on-line. But, if I'm honest, this is all I really need. It's free and it gives me access to my on-line files within my desktop environment, and I get 50GB free!

Do you have a better solution that gives you as much space, or do you just know of  better service? If so, let us know in the comments below.

A quick note for any Mac users: You can do this too by going to Finder, clicking the Go menu, and then clicking Connect to Server. Just run through the options in a similar way. This will only work until you restart your computer, but  it's not too much work to set up (Thanks Florian!).