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Real Football 2012 for Android

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Real Football 2012 for Android

If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or an iPad, chances are you have heard about Gameloft's New Football game called Real Football 2012. Well now, finally, this game is available on the android market.

Real Football 2012 has tons of amazing features, including Hypergame, an amazing feature which recreates any recent match you saw on TV so that you can control the outcome by winning. You can also creat custom jerseys, shorts, and share your creations with the community, and also check out other players' creations as well. It apparently also has fluid gameplay and various game modes to keep you busy like exhibition, leagues, and many international cups.

In the press release, it was referred to as Real Soccer, but it's called Real Football on the Market, anyways, we still get to play it. The game is apparently compatible with 'all' devices running android 2.1 and above, which basically means almost all of you, strangely though, this game doesn't seem to be compatible with my Xperia Play, which is a true gaming device with great specs.