How To Quickly Add Lots of Images To Wordpress Post


How To Quickly Add Lots of Images To Wordpress Post

Wordpress for some odd reason doesn't show you an obvious way of adding lots of images to your posts. If you see my Random Inspiration posts, there is over 100 images in most of them. Most people would use the normal media manager which comes with Wordpress, but with that, it only lets you add once pictures at once - you then have to go back to the media manager, find the next picture and add that. A very tedious and time consuming action.

There are two ways in which I have been able to get over this problem.

1. Download a plugin called Faster Image Insert

This simple plugin allows you to select multiple images at once and then insert them all at once. No need to keep going back and forth, adding one picture at a time.

Faster Image Insert

2. Drag and drop images hosted somewhere else.

This method is one which a lot of people don't know is implemented into Wordpress. If you host your images somewhere else, for example Tumblr, you can literally drag the image from Tumblr into the "visual" editor on Wordpress. Remember you have to be in the visual editor. I use this method for my Random Inspiration posts - because there are over 100 images, it would be really time consuming saving all the images and then re-uploading them.