The Psychology of Colour | Infographic


We all know colours are a big deal in nearly everything. We also know that colour can have many psychological effects on us as humans. Different colours represent different things, and sometimes can represent different things in different countries.

The Effect of Colours

Green – Health, tranquillity, money, nature.
Purple – Royalty, wealth, success, wisdom.
Pink – Calming, love, romance.
White – Purity, innocence, empty, spacious.
Black – Evil, death, mourning, slimming.
Brown – Reliability, boredom, practicality, earth.
Orange – Excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, caution.

What Colour Should You Paint Your Home?

White – Gives the effect of purity, space and cleanliness. Great for bathrooms to represent cleanliness. Also great for small rooms to give a more open feeling.
Blue – Seen as a productive colour. Great for offices and workspaces.
Green – Ideal for the bedroom. Gives off the effect of tranquillity and health.
Pink – Obviously seen as a very feminine colour in the western part of the world. Ideal for girls rooms and other feminine things.
Purple – Great for the living room. Very calm and relaxing colour.
Yellow – Ideal colour for the kitchen. People say it’s great for metabolism. Gives the effect of energy too.
Red – Great for encouraging your appetite. It’s why you see brands such as KFC, McDonalds and others use it in their logos and restaurants.

The Psychology of Colour | Infographic