Pinlo Aluminium Case for iPhone 4S | Review

Thanks to MobileFun for sending this product out to me for review.

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  • Solid aluminium back
  • Very thin
  • Minimal styling




  • Plastic, cheap feeling, front frame
  • Too much space from openings to exterior buttons


First off, I love the aluminium back. It feels amazing and is real smooth. It’s also very strong and solid. I’d even go far as saying it could be used as a weapon and your iPhone still won’t be damaged.

The inside of it has this lovely memory foam kind of material. It comforts the iPhone so it doesn’t scratch the glass back. Very thoughtful.

I do love the styling of it. It’s very minimal and really suits the iPhone. It also holds the phone solidly in place, very tight fit, which is good. It’s also very to easy to take off when needed.

However I ordered the titanium grey model. Even on the box it says titanium grey. But to me it looked more like a bronze colour. I don’t know if they packaged it wrong or if this is their idea of titanium grey. Nevertheless the bronze still looks spectacular.

Even though the case is made from solid aluminium it is very prone to scratches. Dropping it onto concrete will easily scratch it. But it will protect your phone. It’s not as tough as some others out there, like the Otterbox series. But like most cases, it will easily survive scrapes and drops, protecting your iPhone like it should.

My main complaint is the frame the front frame. It’s quite a let down. Made from cheap plastic which could easily bend and snap. You get a clear plastic frame, which I found hideous, and a chrome finished one – pictured above. It’s not a nice chrome finish either and you can tell it’s cheap just by looking at it.

The other complaint is the space between the hardware buttons and the case – there is too much of it. Hitting the sleep/wake button became annoying because you have to really stick your finger in there. This could easily be solved if they added buttons on the case which go over the top the iPhone buttons.

A place where this case does excel though is how thin it is. You still get that lovely thin feeling you would when having the iPhone without a case. It will go into most docks without a problem unless it’s a real tight fit dock of course.


The Pinlo Aluminium Case for the iPhone is for those who want to keep the thinness of their phone but at the same time keep it tough. It is cheaper than most cases and the price is where it mainly wins over other cases. You get the same toughness as you would from say the Case-Mate Barely There case I reviewed recently but keeping the price under ¬£20. Styling is also minimal and the aluminium back is gorgeous. It’s a shame the plastic frames feel too cheap and let the case down a little.

Pinlo Aluminium Case for iPhone 4S | iPhone Cases

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