The Main Facts About Pinterest | Infographic


I did a post on Pinterest, Why Pinterest Is Ideal for Designers, explaining how any type of designer could use the service to really benefit their work and for a place of inspiration.

Pinterest is hotting up big time, being one of the most talked-about start-ups in the recent months.

Some quick facts about Pinterest:

  • The service is used by over 100 brands. I use it myself - UltraLinx Pinterest
  • It hit 10 million unique monthly visitors from the US, faster than any independent site in history
  • It gets 12 million unique monthly visitors on average
  • Has over 10.4 million registered users
  • Ladies love Pinterest and 97% of their Facebook fans are women
  • It's raised $37.5 million since October 2011
  • It only has 16 employees

The Main Facts About Pinterest | Infographic