iPhone 4S Case Compatible Dock

One of the biggest problems with iPhone docks and usually all docks in general is that they’re usually designed to only fit the phone itself. Phones are fragile expensive bits of equipment so people naturally like to add an extra layer, such as a case. It gets tedious when having to take off your case to dock your phone, and this dock looks to solve that problem.

This dock by Kidigi was made specifically for iPhone users who love to have cases on their phone. I don’t know if you can see it in this picture, but if you look closely, I have a leather back on the back plate of my iPhone (post on that coming soon). You’ll get a better view of it in the embedded gallery at the bottom.

I love the design of the dock. It’s very seamless all the way round and matches Apple’s style of shiny white. The logo is a bit annoying but it’s all part of branding I guess. It’s not that small though compared to the official dock you get from Apple. It is very light but it just feels hollow. I think it could have been made a bit smaller if they packed everything together a bit more.

The main selling point of this dock though is the ability to move the charging connector depending on how thick your case is. If you have a thick Otterbox case on your iPhone, you will easily be able to dock the phone without having to take off the case. You’ll know how long it takes to take off and put on an Otterbox case if you have one.

The dock does have the charging dock in the back so you can charge your iPhone. However there is no line-out port so you’ll have to plug it in to the top of your iPhone to listen to music.


If you’re looking for a dock which you can use but at the same time keep your case on your iPhone, look no further. I haven’t seen any others like it as of yet and it has been styled to match all your other Apple products. The only minor niggles I have with this dock would be the size of it and the cheap feeling plastic, although it doesn’t feel crap. Also with it being only ¬£15.95 it’s a lot cheaper than most other iPhone docks.

Kidigi iPhone Dock | Mobile Phone Desk Charger

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