What Are SOPA & PIPA and Why Will They Destroy the Internet

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What Are SOPA & PIPA and Why Will They Destroy the Internet

As a user of this lovely internet of ours, you must have heard about the new legislation proposed in the United States that is causing a stir and threatening to destroy the freedom of the internet.

The bills will allow the US government to remove sites hosting copyrighted content and sue any other websites with so much as a single link to them. This will mean that social networks will be changed for ever with no copyrighted content allowed. The networks would be responsible for all content posted by users and, if any copyrighted content was published, the network could be sued and the user jailed.

The government would have the power to remove any infringing content hosted within the US, meaning no-one could see it, and block all US users from any content on the web. This is how democracy can be distorted.

On January 18th, many websites such as Wikipedia, Reddit and Google will protest SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act). They will 'black out' their websites to show their support for free speech online.

The video below sums up the problems with the legislation very well.

I urge you to research the legislation and see its faults. We do not want to live in a censored virtual world. Protect your future; Protect your Internet!