UltraUI: UIs of the Week #1

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As you may know, at the end of last year we launched an exciting addition to UltraLinx. We called it UltraUI and set to use it to share user interface design and inspiration.  We've been hard at work searching for the best UI designers and have found some incredible Android, iPhone, iPad and web apps along the way. Here are just a few of our favourite UIs from UltraUI.

UltraUI: UIs of the Week #1

Dlio for iPhone by Assembly Co. (@assemblyco)

Large Twitter Button by Alex King (@alexking88)

Fitbit for iPhone by Kerem Suer (@keremsuer)

‘iPad Player’ by Sergey Minkin (@sergeyminkin)

Flowerly for iPhone by Julien Renvoye (@julienrenvoye)

‘An Ongoing Project’ for iPhone by Thierry Teyssier (@thierryteyssier)

The House of Marley website by @houseofmarley

Clock Radio Exploration by Greg Raiz (@graiz)

Checkout Screen by Garrett Langley (@glangley)

Map Switch by Garrett Langley (@glangley)

Simply White GoLauncher EX Theme by Israel Marte (@flamGOdian)See more from Israel at flamgodian.deviantart.com

Social Ping Pong for iPhone Leaders Screen by Brian Waddington (@regardingbrian)

If you liked these, you'll love all the other UIs we have over at UltraUI. Check them out and don't forget to share your favourites!

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