5 Simple, Useful New Technologies from CES 2012

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5 Simple, Useful New Technologies from CES 2012

We all know that over the past few days the Consumer Electronics Show was livening up the Las Vegas Conference Center. At the show some brilliant new technologies were on display from large manufacturers and smaller innovators.  These ranged from sound systems built into robots to massive 8-foot-long iPod docks. These technologies may be fun, but they aren't as useful as some of CES 2012's features. Here are a few of my favourites.

As normal, the list is in no specific order.

1. Boogie Board Rip - Sleek Writing Tablet

5 Simple, Useful New Technologies from CES 2012

The Boogie Board Rip is a writing tablet which allows you to easily take notes and save them. You can then load the files to your computer in an editable format where you can add to them. The tablet also acts as a 'graphic tablet' when it is connected to a computer which allows it to be used as a direct input method.

2. Lytro Camera - New 3D Light Field Technology

5 Simple, Useful New Technologies from CES 2012

Lytro is a completely new type of camera - a light field camera. It works differently to a regular camera because it captures the three dimensional direction of light that hits the sensor. This means you can change the focal point of photographs after they have been taken. It is also possible to alter the perspective of a photo in order to produce a 3D-looking graphic.

3. Beacon Universal Bluetooth Remote for Android and iOS

Beacon for Android

The Beacon Universal Remote comes in two parts: an application and a Beacon. The Android and iOS applications transmit signals to the Beacon via Bluetooth, then the signals are passed on to any media device via infrared. The application has access to a huge database of signals and automatically selects the correct action for your device. It provides a simple solution to a big problem for a lot of people, allowing modern devices to control even the oldest devices.

4. LG 55EM9600 - 4mm Thin OLED TV

5 Simple, Useful New Technologies from CES 2012

Smart TVs were one of the main focusses of CES 2012, and for me the presented LG OLED technology took the show. LG's full HD, RealD 3D television boasts a massive 54.6" screen and a thickness of just 4mm. The screen is powered by Organic Light Emitting Diode technology which reduces thickness because each Four-Colour Pixel emits its own light meaning no backlight is required; increasing contrast; making colours more vivid and blacks even more black. It really does produce the ultimate image.

5. Magic Cube Projected Multi-Platform Keyboard

5 Simple, Useful New Technologies from CES 2012

At CES, Celluon displayed their projection keyboard for... pretty much every device. The Magic Box can connect via Bluetooth to a PC, Android Phone, Android tablet, iPhone or iPad and acts just like a normal keyboard. The keyboard is projected onto any surface and then the sensor, mounted within the Magic Box, detects which keys are being pressed. The keyboard has multi-touch capability and looks very futuristic - always a bonus!