Why SEO Optimized Content Brings You More Customers


Although the infographic below isn't strictly related to bringing you more customers, it does point out how content such as blogs, websites and what not will bring your business more customers and greater interest.

A new way of marketing which has become very relevant for businesses is through blogs. Specifically creating content on those blogs which is optimized for SEO. Some businesses such as KISSmetrics have caught onto this and are raking in customers because they have a high quality blog.

We'll use KISSmetrics as our prime example here. When visiting their blog you will find high quality content mainly covering online marketing. They cover various topics on things such as "how to use keywords on your social networks" and "can product videos increase conversion rates". These posts go into detail and are SEO optimized with keywords which people will search for. They don't just stop there however. They make guides on how to use social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and also make viral type infographics which get a lot of share quality. When you make an infographic you can slap on your logo at the bottom and it's an instant form of marketing.

If a business covers a specific niche, making a blog and creating quality content will drive traffic. It builds trust with the visitor or potential customer. Once you have their loyalty they are a lot more likely to come back and buy your products or services. They will also follow you on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Now it's undeniable that the average person will judge a business on metrics, such as their Twitter followers and Facebook fans. But this does not mean you should do whatever possible to gain followers and fans. If people like your products, services or whatever else you do, they will naturally come to you.

The infographic below mainly covers how major search engines try to get the best results for the person searching. It also shows statistics on how businesses and consumers behave to SEO content and how social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can affect content.

Remember, quality is king.

Why SEO Optimized Content Brings You More Customers