Facebook Timeline Business Cards From Moo.com

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Facebook Timeline Business Cards From Moo.com

A well designed business card is what will make you stand out from the crowd and at the end of the day make you a person to remember. The only trade off to creating a uniquely recognisable business card is it can be a very time consuming process. Moo.com aims to speed that up.

Moo.com has launched a new business card template which directly 'rips' the images from your Facebook Timeline cover image and/or your Facebook profile picture. It then prints the card more or less exactly as they would appear on your Facebook page (see main image). Contact information can be added too, of course, including: name, phone number, address, Facebook profile address etc. These are displayed along with the same icons Facebook uses to display the information on your profile, making the cards look like a printed version of your profile.

Unfortunately, these cards seem to currently be in limited release; only allowing a certain amount of orders per day and they're only available in the US. However I do eagerly await a launch on the UK Moo.com store.

While these cards do have a certain unique element, your own custom images, they won't be as awesome as these 'inspiring designs'.