Tubalr, YouTube Made Minimal

We all know YouTube is no doubt the best site ever on the web for videos. It’s become a household name and even my 80 year old grandma knows what it is. However sometimes you only go on YouTube to watch just the videos, not like, comment, subscribe on them. Tubalr transforms the YouTube experience by literally removing everything except the video window, and adds 3 playback buttons and a bar on the right side showing other videos.

The main focus is to listen to your favourite artists music videos. I searched Drake, no doubt the best rapper out there at the moment. Yes I just said, don’t hate me for it!

Of course you don’t have to just listen to music videos. If you’re into Call of Duty videos, you can even search that.

It’s a relatively new site and has only one developer behind it. It’s also open source and up on Github so if you want to help with it, the developer is open to ideas and volunteers. Features which I personally think could make it a little better are buttons for HD mode on and off, button for making it full screen, buttons for different videos sizes, name of video above or below instead of in the sidebar and small share buttons which could help promote the service even more.

If you have any recommendations for the site leave them in the comments below or contact the developer on Twitter @codyjackstewart | @tubalr.

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