Transform Your Chrome New Tab Page with Speed Dial 2

Speed Dial 2 is a sweet little Google Chrome extension which transforms your new tab page and makes it a lot more useful.

New Tab Page

The new tab page can be customized to show a lot more thumbnails of the sites you like most. It can also track the websites you visit most and instead display them, with the most visited being on the top left. You can also have all your favourite Chrome Apps across the bottom or top, like a dock – giving you quick access to your apps.


The app comes with a great analytics tool which enables you to look at your browsing stats and trends. When I looked back at some of my most visited I found that I visited some sites over 2000 times, quite crazy.

Customization Options

There is also a wide array of customization options. You can customize the dial options, the background, the way the dial looks, your apps and the sidebar. It’s a great way to make your new tab page unique and match your style. For those who are into CSS customization, there’s even an option for that.

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