Scribe, Minimal Writing App For iOS


Scribe, Minimal Writing App For iOS

How many note taking or writing applications are available on the App Store? You would be mad to count. There are so many, it can be hard to know when you find one worth downloading, especially as many of them look identical.

Scribe, created by an editor of Uncrate, is a minimal writing app for iPad and iPhone. It removes the cluttered appearance of many current apps, which are desperately attempting to re-create the desktop office experience. Instead, Scribe gives a clutter-free writing environment.

The monospace font used in the application makes the experience even more simple, meaning the average note taker need only worry about paragraphs and punctuation, instead of messing around with the font style or size.

Web or blog writers are in for a treat, as Scribe has a very easy HTML support function, as well as support with both iCloud and Dropbox. At £1.99, it beats most of its competition with ease, and certainly earns it's price tag.