How To Read QR Codes In Google Chrome


How To Read QR Codes In Google Chrome

QR Codes, those little blocks of seemingly random pixels that contain information. If you saw one you would probably grab your smart phone and scan it right away. However, sometimes this is inconvenient. Say you want to open the webpage in your computer's web browser. You would have to scan it on your phone, then send it back to your computer using an app - a huge waste of time.

QRreader is an extension available for Google Chrome that can read QR codes right from the browser - no need for your phone. Once installed, the process of scanning is as simple as right clicking on the desired QR Code and clicking 'Read QR code from image'. A text window will appear telling you whether the code contains more than just a URL link and if it is safe to use or not. If it link just to a URL, it will open a new browser window with the corresponding web address.

Yes, you read that correctly, 'if it is safe to use'. Occasionally QR Codes may contain malicious data; such as a hidden download to a malware program. More often than not, said malware program is targeted at a mobile device (the primary way of reading QR Codes) so your computer will not be affected even if you did scan it. Just another benefit of QRreader for Google Chrome!

Download QRreader from the link below then test it by scanning the above QR code!