Pulse for Android Gets Updated, Adding Catalog & Smart Dock

Pulse for Android has been updated to add a completely redesigned catalog and a new feature called the Smart Dock.

Redesigned Catalog

It’s not become ever easier to find sources of great news from the top publishers and websites. The new redesigned catalog looks a lot like the cover flow you get in iTunes, which is where they got the inspiration for it from. You can browse through a number of categories from Technology to Design. When you tap on a category, the top publishers will appear in that category. You can quickly add as many as you like from there with just one tap. You can also find UltraLinx under the Technology > Android section.

The search button is also now omnipresent so if you can’t find a particular source, search it and you will most probably find what you’re looking for.

Smart Dock

The main new feature in this updated is the Smart Dock. The Smart Dock learns what you read and how you read it in the Pulse app. It will then recommend you other sources which are closely related so you can find some other great sources of news and articles.

Minimal Reading Pages

Lastly, the reading page of articles has been made a lot more minimal, removing clutter so you can concentrate on the content.

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