New Apple Phishing Scam, Stealing Billing Info


New Apple Phishing Scam, Stealing Billing Info

So you just got a new Apple product for Christmas aye? Well you better watch out for this email which comes from some cyber criminals that want to steal your credit card info.

This legitimate looking, but illegal, email is being sent to new customers who have just set up their accounts in the past few days. It's amazing how official looking it looks, especially with the colours used, the iconic Apple logo and footer at the bottom.

However once you click on the link, you get sent to a different link all together which Apple do not own. This is usually the first sign of phishing scam - so be aware of any URL's you click on.

New Apple Phishing Scam, Stealing Billing Info

You can clearly see the URL at the top which is nothing like a normal URL should be. The billing info page also looks very legitimate.

Most of our visitors know when to check URL's and are aware of what they're looking at around the internet. But if you have friends or family which are just average internet users, they could easily be fooled by this sort of scam. It's definitely worth letting them know, especially with the amount Apple products which have been given as Christmas gifts this season.