Technology Meets Design #1



Don't you just hate fantastic technology smothered in ugly and unattractive design? I firmly believe that technology and design can, and should, be brought together to make the best experiences for users in both function and aesthetics. Here are some recently released technologies which I would categorise as both.

These are examples of beautiful creations formed when technology meets design.


Technology Meets Design #1

A minimally designed watch with only the necessary features. The watch can display the time and handle alarms and many more features whilst having no visible buttons; stunning!

Moor Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Moor Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review

A simple but feature-rich headset with good sound quality. The headset is very stylish with a matt black finish minimal buttons.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus Ads & Tutorial Videos

Google and Samsung's latest flagship phone for the newest version of the Android operating system- Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The 'buttonless' minimal front is an example of what I believe to be perfect design. It is effortless and just seems to work.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Official - Kindle Fire Unveiled, Here Are The Specs

Amazon's first multimedia Android-based tablet is set to bring the whole Amazon ecosystem into one device - in the palm of your hand.

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 for £119 at Argos | UK Deal

Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 device has a super-fast processor and is focussed on camera and multimedia functionality. The slim and eye-catching form of the device set it apart from similar handsets, even if the other specifications do not.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Technology Meets Design #1
Technology Meets Design #1
Technology Meets Design #1

The latest version of Android is the first to be designed around style rather than function alone. The new UI is sleek, fast and includes futuristic features like Android Beam and face Unlock.

iPhone 4S

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Apple's latest in the iPhone line-up comes with a new and improved camera (a fantastic 8MP with great optics) and almost completely redesigned internal hardware. The design of the device is exactly the same as its predecessor, apart from the aerials. Apple clearly like this thin design, and who can blame them?

iOS 5


The new Apple operating system includes substantial updates and new features; Reminders, Twitter integration, Notification Centre, Camera, Siri, iMessages, Newsstand, PC-Free, iCloud and more.  The whole operating system is coated in the simple, but sleek, Apple design which so many people love.

WIMM Watch


A small but powerful Android device in watch form. WIMM are currently looking for app developers so they can launch the product with software galore.

Google Music

Technology Meets Design #1
Technology Meets Design #1
Technology Meets Design #1

Google's rival to iTunes is here and it is incredible. Music offers free storage of 20,000 songs in the cloud ready to be played on any device with am internet connection. The Music store has also opened its doors and is attracting thousands of users with it's daily offers of free music from top artists. Google Music is available as a sleek Android app which taps into your music in the cloud and music stored locally on your device and as a gorgeous HTML5 web application. The light web app is as good as, if not better than, all of its memory-intensive competitors!

Sony Tablet S

Sony Tablet S - All You Need To Know

The Sony Tablet S is really the first Android tablet to stand out from the crowd. It is extremely well designed and has a very well-designed custom UI focussed on multimedia, gaming, and social interactions. It really is one of the best tablets out there - better than the iPad? I think so!