Beats Executive, Minimal & Sophisticated

Beats by Dr Dre have just announced their new minimal looking over-ear headphones. The new set of headphones are being named as the Beats Executive and will be even more premium than the other Beats headphones and earphones in the range.

Instead of the bright colours and plastic, these new cans will be made from aluminium with a brushed look and also feature leather accents and leather ear pads. The headphones will also feature some new features such as noise cancellation to block out outside noise and auto turn-off to save battery life.

Price? The headphones are expected to retail at around £250-£300 but there is no release date. However if you want to be the first to get a pair you can add yourself to the reserve list. Hit the link below to head over to the official site.

Will you be adding yourself to the reserve list?

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