Adobe Kills Flash | Report


Adobe has sent an internal statement to staff and partners announcing that it will discontinue support and development of their mobile flash plugin and focus on Adobe AIR and HTML5, according to a report on ZDNet.

Adobe Kills Flash | Report

The company will be making this public tomorrow, but as for now the support for the plugin has ceased. Phones that use the software will still be able to use it as it was licensed but support for the product has officially been ended. This comes as Adobe announce it will be cutting 750 staff to focus on Digital media and Digital marketing software, which leads you to believe that they can better utilise staff by not supporting or developing the ailing flash plugin for mobile devices.

The dispute between Apple and Adobe was made very public when Steve Job's announced his opinion regarding Flash on a mobile device in a statement on the Apple website (snippet below)

In addition, Flash has not performed well on mobile devices. We have routinely asked Adobe to show us Flash performing well on a mobile device, any mobile device, for a few years now. We have never seen it. Adobe publicly said that Flash would ship on a smartphone in early 2009, then the second half of 2009, then the first half of 2010, and now they say the second half of 2010. We think it will eventually ship, but we’re glad we didn’t hold our breath. Who knows how it will perform?

You can find the full essay here.

It's refreshing to see Adobe have recognised that HTML5 is the way forward. This news will hopefully drive up the use of HTML5.