The UK To Get 4G



Mobile network Everything Everywhere (AKA T-Mobile & Orange) will be the first to bring LTE 4G to the UK.

As with all things new, an initial test will be conducted. 200 lucky subscribers from a 25Km area covering parts of Cornwall, including St Newlyn East and South Newquay, will get to be the first to test the 4G service. 100 participants have been given 'next-gen' 4G handsets, while the other 100 will be testing a fixed line service.

Everything Everywhere have also announced an exciting partnership with BT to try and help extend the range of domestic internet services, branching out to particularly hard to reach areas.

If the test is a success, we will hopefully see a roll out across the whole country and also an influx of the 4G phones the US has been enjoying.