Stunning Video Quality From iPhone 4S


iPhone 4S Vs. $2500 Canon 5D MKII

The iPhone 4S camera really is causing a stir, with sample pictures and videos coming from everywhere. People are astounded at the quality which comes out from such a small camera.

Benjamin Dowie, a pro at shooting mini films, shot a short film with all footage coming from the iPhone 4S camera. The depth of field which came from the camera beats many point and shoots out there and the video stabilisation gets rid of the shaky hands.

We also did an article on the iPhone 4S Vs. a $2500 Canon 5D MKII. You can also check out some sample pictures coming from the iPhone 4S.

If you know of any short films shot by other smartphones, such as the Galaxy S2, put a link in the comments so we can check them out too!