Official Samsung Nexus Prime Teaser


Nexus Prime Specs | Rumor

At last, Samsung have now given us a look at the much anticipated Nexus Prime. OK, maybe not a full look at it, but the side of it at least. From what the video tells us it's going to be thin, very very thin. Also it seems to have carried over the curved Nexus S display, maybe this is something unique which will stay in the Nexus series.

The video was made by Samsung to promote the upcoming Unpacked event on October the 11th, which is when the Nexus Prime is expected to be announced.

There was a screenshot also leaked on the device, stating a 720p display and a 4.6-inch screen. Something of this size and an actual HD screen well no doubt puts itself a head of the iPhone spec wise, we just have to hope Google get the Android software right with Ice Cream Sandwich.