Mobile Options for Casino & Poker Fans


Mobile Options for Casino & Poker Fans

One of the key drivers behind the popularity of smartphones and tablets is the games and apps available for them, as they expand the newest generation of mobile devices into a robust, portable way of enjoying all your favorite games. That’s not only true of games like Angry Birds and Bejeweled but also casino games such as video poker, blackjack, and slots. Poker has been an especially popular genre, with one of the first apps released being Apple’s Texas Hold’em game and numerous other popular choices such as Zynga Poker, which is played by millions of poker fans from around the globe.

Casino games in general are a great fit for mobile devices, as the gameplay translates well on the smaller displays and it’s easy for developers to bring games like slots and roulette to iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets. In addition to apps that let you play various games you can also tap into instructional and utility apps for things such as learning to count cards in blackjack, calculate odds at the poker table, and run a tournament clock for your own poker games at home with friends.

More and more apps are coming to the market as well that let smartphone and tablet owners play at Internet casino sites for real money, but before going into such real game you might want to read more and learn some techniques first. Apple was at first very restrictive about allowing any gambling apps at all in the App Store but that position has thawed somewhat in recent months, with several apps from major online sites made available. Many of these apps are only available to customers in countries where online gambling is legal -- which rules out players in the US at the moment -- but if you’re lucky enough to live in a country that’s supported you’ll be able to make sports bets, play casino games, and try your hand at poker on your iPhone or iPad.

Written By Daphne Williams