LEGO Ford Explorer

Everyone knows how hard it can be to create a realistic model out of LEGO bricks, but this LEGO Ford Explorer, created by the car manufacturer, surely will make us question this. The 1:1 scale model of the Ford Vehicle weighs 2,654 pounds in total – just a little over half the weight of the real car – and is held up by a 768-pound aluminium supportive base.

The LEGO car was released in a real Ford assembly plant in Chicago, but will soon be transported to the new Legoland in Orlando and will make up 380,000 of the 50 million LEGO bricks situated there.

This is certainly proof of the skill at Ford – because, of course, real cars are worth much less than this childish, but incredible model – and the possibilities of LEGO when it is used to its full potential.

© Graham Macphee 2011

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