Google Books Comes to UK


Google Books Comes to UK

Many of you probably know about - or even already have and use - the Books service provided by Google. The service allows books to be quickly synchronised to multiple devices over the air with no effort. Google Books are always available in the cloud, Google's speciality, so no large amounts of storage are stolen by the books. This useful service has now been enabled for UK Google users.

Many titles are available from Google by top publishers as Google explained in a statement;

Readers in the UK now have access to the world's largest ebooks collection, with hundreds of thousands of ebooks for sale – from major UK publishers like Hachette, Random House and Penguin – as well as more than two million public domain ebooks for free.

The service is a partner of several UK booksellers like Gardeners' Hive and Blackwell's meaning the collection of books available from Google should begin to grow rapidly with most new publications arriving in Books.

Users can access these titles in the Android Market on the web and on their phones or via the Google Books apps available for other devices. For more information and updates about Google Books, visit the Google Books blog.

This is just the first of services Google plans to bring to the UK, another being Movies. With the upcoming Google and Samsung Unpacked event, I believe there will be similar announcements to come. The UK always seems to be left behind when it comes to Google's new services and I for one would be very grateful if this were to change.

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