Android Ice Cream Sandwich Event Livestream


Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Released!

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich event will be streamed online for anyone and everyone. It's perfect for those who can't make it to the event which is in Hong Kong, very far away from most of us in the western part of the world.

To tune in to the event, the best place to go is the Android Developers YouTube channel.

Here are the times to tune in:
Hawaii - 04:00 PM - 18th October
Pacific - 07:00 PM - 18th October
Mountain - 08:00 PM - 18th October
Central - 09:00 PM - 18th October
Eastern - 10:00 PM - 18th October
London - 03:00 AM - 19th October
Paris - 04:00 AM - 19th October
Moscow - 06:00 AM - 19th October
Hong Kong - 10:00 AM - 19th October
Tokyo - 11:00 AM - 19th October