Top 5 News Apps for Android

A series where we will showcase the top apps for a certain topic or category. If you would like to see a topic or category we haven’t covered or have any app suggestions send them through to us via TwitterFacebook or the Tip Us Form. Also if you feel like we have missed out an app, leave it in the comment section below.

Reading news on phones is becoming common practice now, due mainly to the convenience and the ability to access news anywhere and everywhere. With this has come an array of news reading apps for the Android platform and it’s hard picking out the best. We have got a list of our top 5 for you right here.


Pulse is one of the most popular and one of my favourites. They also feature UltraLinx in their app. You can pack all your favourite news feeds and rss feeds into one app for easy access. It’s a good way to access multiple news sources at once instead of going through each app of each news provider. It also features great websites from all around the web, sorting them into categories so you can look for topics you love most. Due to the popularity of this app, Google themselves have made this an Editor’s Choice.


Taptu is very similar to Pulse. Having nearly all the same features but being a UK based company. With it being UK based it has come great news sources related to the UK however they definitely are not missing out on everything else happening around the world. One feature I like most about Taptu is the ability to colour co-ordinate your news feeds.


Feedly is also very similar to Pulse and Taptu however it enables you to have all your feeds from your Google Reader, and it has a beautiful minimalistic interface. It’s definitely one for the minimalists out there, like myself.

BBC News

BBC News without question is the best source for news from the UK. It’s actually the 2nd most popular news app from the UK Android Market. It does also feature news from all over the world but with it being a UK based news company it concentrates on news from the UK. Producing quality and direct news for you.


Yahoo! as many people will know curates news from all around the web to bring you the best stuff. It’s seen as a privilege to get your site on the front page of Yahoo!

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