Prezi - Truly Creative Presentations

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Prezi - Truly Creative Presentations

Prezi is a web, desktop and iPad application designed to take presentations out of the early days of computing and turn them into more flowing, creative and attractive works of art.

The application allows users to create graphic representations of ideas. The developers behind Prezi designed it to be able to mimic the processes of the mind, with the priority and order of key points easily understandable. Text, images, videos, arrows, themes, files, frames and drawings are among the things that can be added to the interactive presentations.

Once a presentation is created, a path can be drawn. These paths allow the presentation to be easily and fluently navigated which is perfect for formal presentations.

As I previously mentioned, there are desktop and iPad versions of Prezi available. The desktop version allows Prezis to be edited offline, saved, uploaded and shared with all the great features of the web app too. The iPad application allows you to view Prezis to explore or even control presentations via HDMI mirroring.

The best thing about the Prezi web app is that it's free! Try it out today and start sharing your ideas in a more creative way. Check out the Prezi website at for more information.

Below is a sample Prezi I created.

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