Ice Cream Sandwich Leak - The Real Deal


Android Ice Cream Sandwich on Tablets | Editorial

News of the Ice Cream Sandwich Nexus S is going around the web like a forest fire. A video was uploaded by a lucky eBay buyer who purchased a Nexus S of the e-commerce site. When he turned the Nexus S on he was surprised to find that there was a different version of Android on it, with a few UI tweaks here and there.

This definitely looks the real deal because now the user has opened up a thread on XDA saying that his phone has been remotely locked and being wiped. No doubt this is Google's doing and they're trying to get rid of the leak so the ROM doesn't get dumped for anyone's use.

If you want to keep up with the thread you find it here - link

With invites going around for Google's next Android event we all know what is coming...