Facebook Timeline Is Here

Facebook has just launched an entirely new way to browse through Facebook profiles – and people’s histories. Their new Timeline concept was announced today at F8 (the annual Facebook Developers’ conference)  and I got straight into the developer preview.

The timeline allows you to share more that just status updates and photos with friends; memories are now a part of the Facebook experience. Important events such as living situations and well-being can now be plotted on your own personal timeline – your new profile.

These different events allow your friends to become more involved with many more parts of your life. The ability to control priority events has also been introduced so you can choose what people will focus on when viewing your profile.

Apps now integrate into your profile too. Developers can provide functionality that allows your friends to see what you’re reading, watching or playing, just like they would see a status update. With this feature comes another big leap for Facebook: music integration support. This means you can listen to music that your friends share via apps. For example, Spotify provides this.

I should mention that Timeline doesn’t officially launch for the general public until the 29th of September, but you can get it now! Just head over to our other post about Timeline to see how to get it in just a few easy steps.

© Graham Macphee

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