Facebook Practically Steals Google Plus 'Circles'

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Facebook Practically Steals Google Plus 'Circles'

In the confusion caused by Facebook's new Lists, I noticed a feature that I believe they may be trying to sneak in under the radar. At first it may seem that lists only allow you to add your Friends to what are essentially pre-organised 'Groups', but now it is also possible to downgrade a Friend's status to an 'Acquaintance'- a feature included in Google+'s Circles.

The whole concept of Circles has been slightly distorted and seemingly implemented by Facebook without a second thought. Change a few words and it's yours- or not so?

Perhaps this is a move in the right direction for Facebook- depending on your views about Google+. I believe that Facebook is changing too much too quickly and is beginning to leave its users behind. It is when this happens that users decide to move to other services.

It is important for Facebook  to remember their roots, as a concept which allowed young students to stay connected. If they introduce many more features, this concept could be lost forever and the initial success of the website could fall apart.

I certainly hope Facebook stays strong and continues primarily with its users in mind- I have heard from countless 'acquaintances' that they are happy with Facebook as it is and there is no need for change.

What do you think?

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