Elixir 2 for Android, Find Out Everything About Your Device

Elixir is an app for the Android system which lets you find out literally everything about your Android device.

Here is just some of the things you can find out about your device with this app:
– open system screens easily from one place
– displays information about battery, internal and external storage (sd card), cpu, memory, telephony, wifi, bluetooth, location, display, airplane mode, synchronization, audio, camera, camcorder, input devices, build, operating system, settings, configuration, clipboard, environment variables, features, java system properties, shared libraries
– change settings (brightness, screen timeout, volume, ringer mode), do actions (mount/unmount sd, clear cache, start bluetooth discovery, view location, …), turn things on/off (apn, wifi, bluetooth, auto-brightness, rotation, …) on information screen
– displays installed applications: code, data and cache size; launch, uninstall, clear cache, move to sd, organize applications by labels
– displays running processes / services / tasks: pid, cpu usage, memory usage, total cpu, view logs of a process, kill background processes
– displays output of the top linux command
– shortcuts to widgets, application labels or Elixir screens
– statusbar icon can display memory/battery/cpu usage via circle/bar/percent/elixir/transparent icons
– displays sensor information, turn sensors on/off, microphone
– generating and sending reports
– view online documentation from the app
– displays logcat/dmesg logs

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