Dolphin Browser HD for iPad


Dolphin Browser HD for iPad

Dolphin have just released their very popular web browser on to the iPad. Dolphin first made an appearance on the Android market, going down a treat for Android users. It's even my favourite browser on my Android phone.

Dolphin Browser HD for the iPad brings all the bells as whistles from the Android version over to the iPad version.

Gestures - It has the very popular gesture which allows you to navigate around the web with a simple gesture. You can customize the gestures, creating gesture shortcuts to your favourite sites.

Webzine - This feature allows you to transform popular sites into a magazine type browsing experience. It's definitely a copy of Flipboard, just not as well executed.

Tabbed browsing - Like all the other versions of the app, it has tabbed browsing. You can have all your sites at the top in tabs and can easily go back and forth.

I've found that it isn't actually as fast as the stock Safari browser but the tabbed browsing and the brand behind Dolphin will definitely push people to use the browser over Safari.