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AR.Drone Now Controllable From Android

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AR.Drone Now Controllable From Android

If you don't know, the AR.Drone from Parrot is a UAV Quadrocopter. Interestingly, unlike other hobbyist vehicles in its class Parrots AR.Drone's primary control system is an iOS device...until now. Parrot has finally released the long awaited AR.Drone 'free flight' app on Android which allows you to control the drone, capture video footage and also play games.

Unfortunately the other AR.Drone iOS apps, such as the fantastic AR.Flying Ace, an augmented reality game that takes benefit of the AR.Drones Camera, have not made their Android debut, but hopefully we will see them in the near future.

Good news is that the 'Free Flight' app is free for download on the Android Market. All you'll need now is the £250 (approximately) Drone, and of course a WiFi connection so you can stream and save all your video footage for later viewing. It's a hefty investment, but if you ever get the opportunity to try out one of these drones, it wouldn't hurt to take it.