5 Tips To Make You & Your Site/Blog Better | Part 1

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5 Tips To Make You & Your Site/Blog Better | Part 1

When making a blog/site the main goal is getting visitors and making them stay or come back. You want your blog/site to be the best it can be but there are some steps which every blogger should consider when making their blog/site.

1. Limit the amount of ads

Too many ads can distract visitors. It puts people off and makes it hard to find the main content which is what they are after. It's fine to have ads in the sidebar, top and bottom of the site. But having them on both the left, right and centre will just get in the way.

Whatever you do, don't put pop up ads or ads which flash out in front of you when you roll over them. This will not only annoy visitors but will also bring down the professionalism of the site.

Obviously you want to make money from the time and effort you put in to your blog, but there is a fine line between earning money and using the site as an ad haven.

2. Try and make your ads relevant

Try and make your ads relevant as possible. Being picky about what ads you place can produce better results for you and the advertiser. The advertiser may get more clicks on their ads which may then lead to more ad sales from them.

It will also mean your visitors are finding stuff you put on the site more relevant to them so they will have more trust in you and your site.

3. Put the content right in front of your visitors

Make the content you post easy to find on your site. Split things into categories and then put a link to all your categories at the top on the left. Research has shown that when visitors come to a site they look at the top left of the site first.

Also put a search bar on your site, put one now! The amount of sites out there which have not got a search bar is crazy. How are people supposed to find something specific on your site quickly?

4. Organise social media buttons

Organise your social media buttons and put them in the relevant places. For example: Facebook fan page in the side bar, Twitter profile in the sidebar, share buttons either at the top, at the bottom or on the left of the content.

Do not have pop ups which come at people in the middle of the page asking them to subscribe to your emails, it's fine to have one on the bottom right, just make it un-intrusive as I have done.

5. Original content

Do not just copy content from other sites. Make your content original, it's what will make your site unique and making your visitors come back. It's fine if you do collections of stuff together, like we do on UltraLinx. But just posting a snippet of something from another site then putting "go here for the rest" drives visitors away from the site because you are making them.

Doing a series of posts like we do on UltraLinx can bring you many benefits as it has for me. People will come back again to see the next instalment.