29 Days On A Single Charge, HTC Wildfire - CM7

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The Legacy of Cyanogenmod

A reddit user by the name of hazardous69, went out to try and see how long his HTC Wildfire on CyanogenMod 7 would last without being charged.

29 Days On A Single Charge, HTC Wildfire - CM7

As you  can see from the image above, the device has gone 29 days on battery alone. However there are some things to note. The Androider had airplane mode on throughout the test. You might be thinking, "well the phone is useless without the radios turned on", but this was purely a test to see how long a rooted Android device can survive on an optimized custom ROM.

It's extraordinary to see what Android devices are capable of when rooted and modified to get the full potential out of them.

Have you seen anyone else beat this? If so, leave it in the comments. Would love to see how long people can get their Android devices to last on battery alone.