Minimal Reader Partners with UltraLinx


Minimal Reader Partners with UltraLinx

I am proud to announce that the developer of minimal reader, Joaquim Vergès, has decided to partner with UltraLinx. We have been discussing partnering for a few days and I am glad to welcome him to the team.

Minimal Reader is an Android application I think really captures the UltraLinx spirit. It provides news in a minimalistic and elegant way- much like this site. Minimal Reader is a widget which connects to Google Reader and RSS feeds to bring the news you want straight to you. It is beautiful designed and very easy to use- what more could you want?

Joaquim explained why he started the Minimal Reader project; "There are some great apps for news reading on android, but I've always been disappointed by their widgets. After searching in vain for Google Reader and RSS widgets that would meet my expectations, I decided to make my own. I wanted a sleek, fast and simple widget from which I could read my news without having to launch a heavy app and without the need of an internet connection. After months of development, more than 20 releases and the help of my XDA fellas, I finally produced something close enough to what I had in mind."


Here is what you get in Minimal reader at the moment:

  1. Four Static widgets (4×1, 4×2, 4×3, 4×4). Works with all launchers.
  1. One scrollable and re-sizable widget. Works with compatible launchers only (tested on Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher and Go Launcher).
  1. Import feeds, labels or your full reading list from Google Reader.
  1. Add RSS feeds manually by typing or pasting their URL.
  1. Click on a news title to open the full article in a pop-up.
  1. Swipe left or right on the header of the pop-up to scroll through your news.
  1. While you're reading an article, you can open it in the browser, share it or set it as a favourite to read later.
  1. On the widgets, you can easily refresh to get the latest news, mark all items as read or show the news you have set as favourites
  1. Many settings available: filter by age, filter already read news, auto scroll, auto refresh, etc.
  1. Many options to customize the Widgets and  pop-ups: colours, text size, background, buttons, etc.

Minimal Reader is about more than an application. It is about an entire solution to a problem many users have and building a community. This creates a complete experience for the user. Minimal Reader's constant updates and great mail support from Joaquim are two things very few applications have these days.

We have some more news. Here are just some of the features you should expect to see in a major update to Minimal Reader coming soon:

  1.  Clicking on the left side of an article will mark it as read without opening the popup (only non-scrollable widgets for now).
  2.  Reading an article will mark it as read in Google Reader as well.
  3.  If a feed is added manually to the widget, it will be added to your Google Reader account automatically.
  4.  New option to refresh on WiFi connection only or Mobile Data connection too.
  5. New Help or FAQ section and a Tips section.

If you are interested in Minimal Reader, why not check it out in the Android Market



To celebrate out new partnership, UltraLinx and Joaquim will be holding an exclusive give-away day and competition. We will be updating you with news about this in the coming days, but keep an eye out for some interesting posts.