HTC Style Scrollable Widgets Without HTC Sense


HTC Style Scrollable Widgets Without HTC Sense

Different manufacturers like to 'skin' the version of Android running on the device in order to bring a better user experience and separate their devices from the competition. One of the skins is HTC Sense. It has an iconic flip clock as its main visual recognisable feature but also many other additions over stock android such as scrollable widgets. It's the scrollable widgets which many users of Android find useful and wish to have on their Non-HTC device or even on an HTC device running a custom launcher. LauncherPro managed to create similar, themeable, scrollable widgets, but to use them you needed the kitted out, paid version of LauncherPro, LauncherPro Plus.

Dr Appche (creator of the nifty app 'Quick Event') has come out with a new app that brings the scrollable widget experience found on HTC Sense and LauncherPro, for free. The app is Android Pro Widgets. Currently the available widgets are:

  • Agenda and Calendar
  • People
  • Bookmarks
  • Messaging
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Timeline (licensed version only)

With the free version you get the above apps (apart from timeline). They come with the standard theme, additional themes are available, however you will need to purchase the license key for  £1.21. On the bright side, themes created by Dr Appche are all free.

From my tests the widgets are nearly on par with the LauncherPro widgets, with slightly poorer performance. On the other hand you can use these widgets with other supported launchers (must have scrollable widgets support) such as ADW. One more great thing is that the widgets run on both tablets and phones alike.


Download Android Pro Widgets from the Android Market
Source (Special thanks to Androinica)