Google Plus - Games?


Google Plus - Games?

One feature that appeals to many Facebook users are the apps and more specifically the wide selection of casual, free to play games. Now Google+ is adding games too.

However with games on social networks comes annoyances, the constant updates of your friends games on their news feeds and thus clogging up what you see. That's where Google+ does something different. If you have no interest in your friends gaming activity you can easily remove the statuses from your news feed and revert back to what you know and love, the core experience of people in your circles and their statuses.

Google says:

Today we’re adding games to Google+. With the Google+ project, we want to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to the web. But sharing is about more than just conversations. The experiences we have together are just as important to our relationships. We want to make playing games online just as fun, and just as meaningful, as playing in real life.

But how will these games work? When your account gets the game update you will see a new button, between circles and the search bar. Said button will lead you to a the games page, a hub where you where you can access the wide range games available, view high scores as well as other achievements.

Although Google+ won't be seeing popular Facebook exclusive games such as Farmville, it already boasts a comprehensive collection of launch titles, coming from a range of developers. The current games include, Angry Birds, Dragon Age Legends and Zynga Poker.

The roll out of the games service started from yesterday (11th August 2011) and all users should be able to access it 'soon'. Personally I'm looking forward to seeing the games and the fact that I don't have to see others gaming activity if I don't want to, a great feature.