'Backseat Driver' Gives Kids the Keys


'Backseat Driver' Gives Kids the Keys

A new application for the iPhone allows children to shadow their parents and drive with them in the car. The game, created by Toyota, tracks the real location of the car and shows a cartoon road on the device with the same form as the real one. The application is described in the App Store as follows.

Papa Car driving in front of your car moves exactly the same as the car you are riding using the GPS function. The Mama Car, which you are controlling, follows the Papa Car automatically. By controlling the Mama Car by moving it left and right, you can enjoy the driving.

The route that you took will be saved automatically so that you can look over.

You can gain points by collecting the items Papa Car drops, and the Landmark Icons of shops and facilities that are from the real maps. After you gained some points, you can customize your car with your own designs. The designs of your car and the saved route you took can be shared via Twitter.

Let's get your car grow more and more, by enjoying the actual car ride!

You enter into "GARAGE" when you activate the application.
In the "GARAGE", you can customize your car by changing the color and installing the new parts , etc.
You can also check the instructions and the history of moving route in the "HISTORY" page.

When you tap the "DRIVE" button, you can start the driving.
If you active the application on the vehicle that is actually moving, your "My Car" will be moving as well.
You can collect the points by catching the Landmark Icons, which its information interlocks with the actual place you are driving using the GPS. 
The points you collated while driving can be used to customize your "My Car" in the "GARAGE" page.
There is a chance to get a big amount of point if you could catch the rare Landmark icons.
The route that you took will be saved automatically.

In the "LANDMARKS" page, you can see the Landmark icons that you've collected.
They are sorted by category. You can check the information of the shops that you've found while driving, and also your travel log.
You can also share your travel route, and show your originally-customized "My Car" on Twitter!

You can compete with your friends and the users all around the world, according to the total travel distance and the total points you've gotten.
The ranking will be shown on the "Game Center."

I believe it is a very promising application and, as it's free, there's no reason not to try it out. If you have kids, give it to them on a long car journey- even if for no other purpose than to quieten them down.

You can find Backseat Driver in the App Store here.