Android App 'UK 3G Survey'

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Android App 'UK 3G Survey'

If you frequently visit the Android market you probably like to see which apps are trending. If so you may have noticed an app called 'UK 3G survey', it's currently #3 on the 'Top New Free' app section on the Android Market. You're probably thinking to yourself, this is pretty strange, a survey app at #3?

What UK 3G survey is an app that plans to map out the 3G speeds of the entire UK. The data is being collected by Epitiro in co-operation with the BBC. Said results will appear on the BBC's website when enough results have been collected in.

However you must be quick; the survey is only planned to last for the next month.

If you wish to help out with providing the nation with an interactive 3G speed map download 'UK 3G Survey' from the Android Market today!

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Download UK 3G survey from the Android Market