7 Essential Google Plus Tips

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Google Plus Is Full Of Men!

Google+ has only been out for just a few days so you probably haven't discovered all the features, and with all the hype (and some confusion) about circles, sparks and hangouts you probably will be occupied for quite sometime. To get you started here are 7 Google+ tips to help get you on your way.

1. Text formatting - Some text formatting can be used, similar to what we saw in Myspace, well, we get 3 options. *yourtexthere* will make your text bold, _youtexthere_ will make your text italic and -youtexthere- will put a 'strikethrough' through your text.

2. Friend Tagging - A feature popular in Facebook allows you to link your friends profiles in your posts. All you need to do is type "+" or "@" (without quotes) where you want to put the persons name. A drop down list will show, from here you can select people from your circles and extended circles to tag.

3. Permalinks - Essentially this is just like linking a particular webpage URL instead of the website URL. On Google+ you can use a permalink to share a particular post instead of a whole news feed.  To do this simply find the post you wish to share, click the timestamp and you'll be taken to your new page, then just copy the URL!

4. Share Google+ with other social networks - Google+ is new and because of that you are still probably hanging around on your other social networks where the majority of your friends are likely to be. If you're running Google Chrome you can grab the extension 'Extended Share for Google Plus' which will allow you to post your Google+ posts to Facebook and Twitter.

5. Photo Editing - Although the options may be limited having an edited photo may be nicer than the original. To access Google+'s on-the-fly photo editor simply open a photo, press actions, then edit photo. You will be presented with numerous filters that you can enjoy to your hearts content.

6. Direct Messaging - This one isn't too obvious, but it's pretty simple really. To send a direct message, tag a friend as the beginning of the post, make sure to let them know it's private. Then comment away. Only you and your friend will be able to view your private thread.

7. Email - Another alternative to direct messaging is email, with all the Google products integrated with one another using GMail is the optimum choice for staying within the Google experience. To enable people to email you from your profile, head to the button entitled 'edit profile' found on your profile.  Beneath your profile picture an email option will be greyed out. Click it and choose your settings and you're good to go.