The iPhone 12 Looks Stunning In These New Renders

We’ve still got just under a year until the next generations of iPhone are announced and released, but it’s always interesting to take a dive into what future models might give us. PhoneArena has created some professional-looking renders based on all the rumours surrounding the iPhone 12, suggesting that Apple could be completely refreshing the design of the iPhone, and opting for a look similar to the iPhone 4.

PhoneArena speculates iPhone 12 will feature Apple’s first quad-camera system, including wide, telephoto, ultra-wide and Time-of-Flight cameras. They also suspect that the notch will be made less significant, or the bezels might be made bigger to allow for the camera to fit there. 

Everything here should be taken with a pinch of salt, but it’s interesting to see how the next generation of iPhones could switch it up and take it back to the days of the iPhone 4. Check out the renders below and the original PhoneArena article here.

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