Saddle Brown Leather Case for iPhone – 8 Months Used

I’ve always been in to real leather. I love the way it wears and changes colour over months, even years of use. Like a quality pair of leather shoes, they adapt to fit you. 

Apple has a variety of leather cases for the iPhone which I’ve been using since the iPhone 5S. I had saddle brown on the iPhone 5S but it was awful and didn’t wear nicely at all. It looked cheap. So I switched to black and stayed with black for the iPhone 6 too.

For the launch of the iPhone 6S, Apple released a new saddle brown case and from what I could tell, the colour and material were different from the previous generation.

This is what the case looked like when it was new. It had a super rich saddle brown colour that was pretty vivid. It was incredibly supple and soft too. Provided some great grip over the very slippery aluminium finish of the iPhone 6S.

This is what the case now looks like after 8 months of everyday use.

You can see how it’s faded and aged beautifully. The super rich saddle brown colour has toned down to a more natural looking used colour. 

The corners where the device rubs most has darkened more than elsewhere. Also the centre near the Apple logo it has worn a lot due to my index finger being placed there when holding the device.

The corners have taken quite a bit of damage from many drops but the case has done a fantastic job of protecting the device.

I have loved the case since I got it and I feel like it has a real sense of class and character. It’s definitely not for everyone but if you’re into real leather that wears over time this is by far the best choice right now.

Check out the gallery for larger images.

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